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Best way to clean Artificial Jewellery

These tips will help your pieces sparkle for years to come.

One of the worst things is reaching into your jewelry drawer for your favorite earrings, only to find them having blackened away – something that tends to happen often in the climate we have. It’s a problem there can’t be enough solutions for so we asked you what your solution to this problem was. Scroll down to read the answers:

Prevention Is Key

The first thing you can do is prevent your jewelry from rusting too much in the first place and in order to do that, the way you store your jewelry is extremely important.

  •  Store jewelry in closed containers
  • Wrap in polythene and place separately from each other
  • Wrap in tissue and keep in box
  • Keep wrapped in cotton
  • Keep them in plastic covers or pouches
  • Keep it away from water and perfume

Home Remedies

Sometimes, the best solution is right in front of us! Here are things you can use in your kitchen to clean your jewelry.

  •  Lemon- For cleaning artificial jeweler, juice a small lemon and then rub this juice over the dirty piece using a soft cloth. Lemon works especially well on silver.
  • Vinegar–Ensure that you pick up white vinegar for this. Prepare a solution of white vinegar and water and then soak the jewelry in it for some time. Then take a soft toothbrush, dip it into the solution and get into all the small nooks and corners.
  • Mild Shampoo – A mild shampoo, such as baby shampoo is a very effective cleanser to clean artificial Jewelry. It is the Best way to clean Jewelry made up of pearl. It can help whiten the pearls whilst getting rid of dirt and grime accumulated over time.

Use clear Nail polish

This is a popular solution  as it acts as a protective layer around the jewelry and thus, prevents it from tarnishing.


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