So much of the joy around a wedding is the planning. Making lists, putting together mood boards, and prepping for the big day. The pandemic this year has unfortunately changed the process of wedding planning. And while the disappointment is there perhaps this is the time to remember that marriage is more than a big celebration. It’s about love and friendship and being together. The pandemic has inspired many brides to turn towards the simpler ways of making their D-day super-special

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Most of us are wondering what the holy month will be like this year. In the unprecedented times that we’re living in right now. I know Ramadan will be different this time, but we can still make the most of it. We have put together a special Ramadan issue- Marhabaan Yaa Ramadan we have filled it with all you need to make it a truly special Ramadan. On a lighter note we have fun recipes you can create in the comfort of your homes.

Ramadan Mubarak

Wishing you and yours a peaceful month ahead.

Team Samairah

Concept: Samairah

Editor-Naima Mohammed

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As an ode to the wedding season fast approaching, this issue is dedicated to the Bride, it is all about the brideto-be. Inside the magazine, you’ll find gorgeous images and engaging editorial from cover to cover, whether it’s inspiration for your wedding dessert
table ideas and must-do pre-wedding beauty treatments or the most trendy budget décor ideas for your celebration.

Concept: Samairah
Layout and design: breakconcepts
Editor-in–Chief: Naima Mohammed

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Beauty Issue

In celebration of a month dedicated to beauty, we team up with BambiFaceBX to present you a beauty editorial. Suad and Rula show you how you can keep your make up fresh and pretty, even when the weather is working against you.

Concept: Samairah
Photography: Njeryphotography
Make Up Artists: Bambifacebx
Models: Suad & Rula Hussein


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